I have worked on a diverse set of research topics. Please follow the links below for more details

Current Research Projects

Previous Research Projects

  • Reinforcement Learning Based Decision Making for Smart Power Grid Operations: The objective of the project is to develop Reinforcement Learning algorithms for Building HVAC scheduling that reduce the cost of operations while ensuring safety and comfort constraints are not violated.
  • Data-driven Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Smart Power Grids: The objective of the project is to develop Spatio-temporal Graph Convolutional Neural Network based models for smart power grids. These models, which capture both spatial and temporal correlations, can enable accurate short term forecasting and missing data imputations.
  • Accelerating Graph Analytics on Emerging Cloud Architectures with CPU+FPGA Heterogeneous Nodes: The objective of the project is to develop high throughput implementations of Graph Analytics applications targeting cloud architectures with CPU-FPGA datacenter nodes. This project is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation under award number 1911229.