Other Interests

When I am not researching, I like to do several things to get the steam off. These include:

  • Reading - For daily news, I follow New York Times, The Hindu, Daily Pnut, Quartz, NextDraft. I also use Pocket for recommendations on interesting articles to read.
  • Improv Comedy - I am a member of Vidushak - USC's only Indian Improv Comedy Group. I have participated in several improv shows which can be found at our youtube channel here. I was also the director of the group for one year in which I wrote and directed a scripted play to be performed at the USC AIS (Association of Indian Student) Diwali Show. The play can be found here.
  • Apart from this, I like to cook, play tennis, play flute (or atleast try playing), reading ghazals, doing DIY electronic home projects such as arduino enabled ambient light based lights, exposing USB printer over wifi using RPi and several others.